Clear Improvement

I’ve just been looking over the results sheets from Rounds 5 (Brands Hatch) and 6 (Silverstone) to see how my times have improved and I think you’ll agree that there has been quite a substantial improvement:

Circuit Qualifying Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
Brands Indy 26/29 24/28 19/23 19/22
Silverstone National 11/22 12/23 14/27
(Qual 2)


Malcolm coaching me at Snetterton

Its not just about lines, braking points, turn-in points, apexes, where to apply power – in significant part its down to self-confidence, and confidence in the abilities of the car – things that can only be learned from time behind the wheel. Money invested in track days and professional coaching is money well spent – if you want good results from your racing.

Now I can’t deny that some of this improvement was down to being on my “home” circuit – Silverstone is only about 30 minutes from home and I’ve done more track days here than anywhere. But most has come from the tuition I have been receiving from my coach Malcolm Edeson whose devotion to the sport, and to the success of his pupils, continues to amaze me. Well done that man!