Rookie at Rockingham

A track day at the Rockingham Raceway in Northamptonshire gave me an opportunity to try a circuit that our series raced at this season but I skipped having never driven there before. Originally built to host Nascar races, these never proved popular and a variety of infield sections were added to the original banked oval.

I used my own road Boxster and with the superb but chilly weather we were blessed with, I managed to get out for about nine sessions, some with passengers. After our day at Donington I had replaced the front brake discs and pads, fitted Goodrich braided brake hoses and changed the brake fluid for ATF Super Blue – and I’m happy to report that I had no issues whatsoever with brake fade. Neither did I experience such severe understeer.

I gave passenger laps to a mix of drivers and a couple were happy to take tuition from me. Perhaps I should consider taking the ARDS instructor course myself…?