Sideways at Thruxton

I employed the services of my friend and ex-BRSCC Porsche Championship driver David Hornsey again yesterday at Thruxton for some much-needed grip limit training. He is based not far from the circuit and instructs there regularly and was able to hire the facility for some extended 1-to-1 training that we hope will make a significant improvement to my cornering speed – probably the one thing that is holding back my lap times and ultimately my results.

Toyota GT86
Photo © Thruxton Motorsport Centre

We used their rear-wheel-drive Toyota GT86, which has its stability control and ABS disabled so that its purely down to the driver to control the car – exactly what’s needed. David was very complementary and said afterwards “you have the feel and the instinct and hopefully it has given you the confidence to know that your instincts are right“. I will be putting that to the test shortly in free practice for our next Britcar Trophy races on the Snetterton 300 circuit on Saturday 9th August.