Training with CAT

Quite soon after buying my Porsche Boxster in 2006 I decided I should get some advanced driver training. Based at the Millbrook testing facility in Bedfordshire – once used as Vauxhall’s main testing ground – CAT Driver Training advertised at a Porsche Club regional event and a number of our region members signed up for a half-day taster course. Owned and run by Colin and Jo Hoad, the quality of tuition is excellent which is frankly essential – if you don’t get on with the instructor you’re really wasting your money because you won’t absorb much of what’s being said to you.

CAT Driver Training

I have since taken their Performance Driver Course (a 1-to-1 course emphasising car control under performance conditions and introducing threshold braking and under- and over-steer) and attended a Gymkhana Training Day (which brings in an element of competition between the drivers).