Vortex Builds Custom Exhaust

Vortex Performance Exhausts have recently borrowed my Porsche Boxster race car to build and fit a prototype “cat/back” exhaust. The Vortex™ raceflo resonator is a performance stainless steel simple custom fit exhaust system for race car owners and racing enthusiasts who want to improve their car engines’ performance characteristics. The car was dyno tested before and after fitting to make certain that the engine output remains within our series’ technical regulations.

Based in Grays, Essex, Vortex produce exhausts for a wide range of cars and vans – and for marine applications too. Their Vortex™ system is a patented design to improve flow and economy and reduce engine stress. Vortex have already produced race exhausts for other series and are looking to the BRSCC Porsche Championship as a new area to expand the business.