924 Opportunity at Rockingham

Runner-up in the BRSCC Porsche Championship 924 class Karl Rossin very kindly invited me to a track day at Rockingham Raceway and allowed me my first ever drive of a 924. The venerable 2-litre front-engine rear-drive cars are 30 years old now but represent the origins of the series I joined as a Boxster driver three seasons ago.


Conditions were less-than-perfect and it was a case of finding what little grip there was, often way off what would normally be the racing line. Having done a few laps as a passenger, Karl then sent me out on my own for 17 minutes of fun. I span at the Piff Paff chicane, which seemed to offer no grip at all – but at least I kept it on the black stuff. Which was more than could be said for Philip Waters, who later piloted the car, with me as passenger, sideways into the gravel trap – an act I’m sure he won’t be permitted to soon forget.