Birkett Relay plan takes shape

I’m happy to announce that once again I will be taking part in the annual 750MC Birkett Relay race, in a Toyota MR2 run by Rogue Motorsport. This historic 6-hour event takes place towards the end of each race season on Silvertone’s GP circuit.

Me during the 2014 Birkett, photo courtesy Joshua Barrett

Rogue are of course the team that took me to a fantastic 4th-in-class debut in the Creventic 24 Hours of Silverstone in 2016, and I’ve raced with them on-and-off for a number of seasons in different 750MC events. No one knows more about circuit racing Toyotas than Rogue team boss Patrick Mortell, and he and his team are always great fun to work with. The Birkett is a unique event, its results being based on a handicap system that I can’t pretend to understand, so its not always outright pace that wins on the day.