Get race fit

Porsche run an annual workshop called “Get Race Fit” from their Driving Experience Centre at the Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire – which is only 40 minutes from my home. I registered for the 2012 presentation of course and attended on Saturday 21st January.

iZone's impressive race simulator

Easily the oldest driver present, together with approximately 40 other drivers – ranging from youngsters aiming to start their career with karting to some looking at their first season in Carrera Cup GB – we were split into groups to attend four sessions in turn:

Experience of a 997 GT3 Cup car (my fist time “in” a LHD car with sequential box) in iZone‘s impressive simulator with a prize for the fastest time over the Silverstone National circuit, which fittingly went to this years Carrera Cup scholarship winner Daniel Lloyd.

A hour of Ashtanga (power) yoga with the fabulous Diane Lee – one of only ten yoga sports specialists in the UK. I took up yoga last year as its a great way to de-stress was well as exercise.

Diane Lee takes one of the day's yoga classes

In the gym, the Grid Fit Challenge, which introduced us to a set of exercises specifically aimed at race drivers.
Nutrition for motorsport, which together with a week-long food diary we were required to complete before the event, showed us how much we were neglecting our diets!

In attendance again this year was locally-based Red Bull F1 driver and 997 GT2 RS owner Mark Webber, who had just that morning returned from Australia, sporting a serious tan. After lunch, Mark joined an interview session with all the drivers being invited to ask questions about his fitness regime.