Race company

Newbridge's impressive two-deck transporter/workshop at Rockingham, Oct 2011

Although the BRSCC Porsche Championship is a fairly small series, there are a number of companies dotted around England that offer the convenience of “hire and drive”. I don’t have either the space at home, nor the mechanical expertise to maintain and run my own car, so this arrangement, where the company both own and look after the car, is really the most sensible option.

I decided that it would be more convenient to choose the company closest to home. I have therefore gone with Newbridge Motorsport who are now based near Buckingham – if there is ever a need to visit the car between races, they are only about 40 minutes from my home just south of Milton Keynes. Established and run by experienced racer Richard Tovey, Newbridge take pride in their organisation and professionalism and I look forward to working with them in 2012.