Welcome WeShield

Donington – and the first round of the 750MC Toyota MR2 Championship – turned out to be a bit of a let-down instead of the warm welcome it was supposed to be for my new sponsor for this season. Alongside AMPS Ltd., Rogue Motorsport had stickered up the car with the WeShield logo and although the cars were able to complete their qualifying session, considerable snowfalls meant the meeting was cancelled before any actual races took place.

Two of the Rogue MR2 Mk.IIs

The car peformed fautlessly during our short qualifying session – on a mostly dry track – but it was discovered quickly afterwards that its alternator had failed so the Rogue mechanics were quickly under the car fitting a replacement. Some juggling of the programme meant that just as some drivers had sat down to lunch we were called to the assembly area, where we sat for the best part of 3/4 hour while the Donington and MSA officials decided whether it would be safe to race. I can’t say I blame them for cancelling the meeting as with temperatures hovering around 0C, what snow was falling on the track had a tendancy to freeze. Whether the meeting gets resheduled for later in the season, we will just have to wait and see.

The WeShield pouch suits a wide range of key fob sizes

WeShield is a new range of car anti-theft products and their first product to market is an RFID key fob pouch that prevents the immobiliser code from being read by anyone while the key is away from the car. WeShield aim to launch other theft-prevention products in the coming year.

Meanwhile the key fob pouch is available from eBay for very little money given the peace of mind it brings.

All photos courtesy of WeShield.