First Outing in the New Elise

BSCS Lotus Elises for 750MC Roadsports and Club Enduro

A track day on Donington’s national circuit, alongside my 2022 CALM All Porsche Trophy co-driver and instructor David Hornsey, was my introduction to the new build Lotus Elise S2 that I’ll be driving in three rounds of the 750MC Roadsports series in 2022. The car was built and will be run by Dan Jude and the crew at British Sports Car Services (aka BSCS Motorsport) who have years of experience with these cars, dating back the glory days of the Elise Trophy. And it was my involvement in these races that played a big part in my introduction in racing, where I first met 2020 co-driver Michelle Westby, coach Malcolm Edeson and Dave Carr of Elise Spares (from whom Malcolm and I rented Elises for my early race coaching).

It had been at least 10 years since I’d driven an Elise and I really wanted some time in the car well before any race weekend to make sure I was both comfortable and capable of some pace and having sent David out first to make sure all was OK, I’m happy to say that straight away I was confident of giving the car full throttle. By the end of the day – when the traffic had reduced, I was regularly equalling my lap record.