Rockingham Round Skipped

I have mixed feelings about having missed the Rockingham round of our Championship this weekend. It had always been my intention to skip the Northants circuit, not only because I’d never driven the track but also to save money for next season. For whatever reason, the turnout for this round was lower anyway with only a total of 23 cars registered. I would have benefitted, purely from a Championship points perspective, simply because I would have had finishes with fewer cars in front. As it turned out, for Race 2 a driver leaving the series and a retirement due to mechanical failure would have rewarded me even further.

At the same time, it was extremely hot these two days with some drivers concluding that they’d never been hotter and my intolerance of heat could have led to problems.

Boxster honours went to Gerry Taylor and Rick Styrin, both in the Taylor’s Foundry team – so if we had a constructors’ championship they could well now be leading. David Bearman also shone again with a 2nd and 3rd.

The next round, at Croft mid-September, is also one I have expected to miss, so in theory I won’t race now until the final round of the series, at Donington in October.