Tuition with Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca pilots the Porsche through Fogarty Esses
Photo © Rowan Harrison

I spent last Friday in the very pleasant company of fellow Logson Group Porsche driver Rebecca Jackson, driving my own road Boxster on a track day at the Donington Park circuit. Despite driving a 924, which has around 100bhp less than my race car, Rebecca has been faster than me for most of the season (apart from Silverstone) and I was hoping that her longer experience of racing would help improve my lap times. I was not disappointed. By the end of the day, she had reduced my best lap of the National circuit to 1:30.04 – very nearly three seconds off my previous record. We may have been faster still in the afternoon but ran against the limitations of the car, namely quite severe understeer and brake fade, especially on the approach to the Fogarty Esses. Here is in-car video of my best lap of the day:

Rebecca had a guest drive in the 750MC Toyota MR2 Championship the very next day in a new-build Mk.II car run by Rogue Motorsport. Although she hadn’t even sat in the car before, let alone raced it, she managed a 4th in class finish together with 6th fastest lap time. Way to go Girlie Racer!